Brian Shelton & Patrick Betts_2012Echo and Aeolian Tower_2016John Michael -Booty- Booton_Booty climbs the stellar, consistent and at times spicy route of Hallow Souls (5.9+) on Space Tower outside of Moab, Utah_2015Logan Berndt & Keo Boulton_2012Mollie and Patrick_2016Mollie and Patrick_2017Mollie and Patrick_On top of Happy Turk_2017Mollie and Patrick_Summit of Eagle Plume_2017Mollie and Patrick_Summit of Putterman on the Throne_2017Mollie and Ryan_Summit of Uranium Tower on the first ascent_2017Mollie and Tim_2017Mollie Bailey_1950DA (5.10 R), Kyle's Tower_2017-2Mollie Bailey_1950DA (5.10 R), Kyle's Tower_2017Mollie Bailey_2016-2Mollie Bailey_2016-3Mollie Bailey_2016-4Mollie Bailey_2016-5Mollie Bailey_2016-6Mollie Bailey_2016Mollie Bailey_2017-2