About Patrick Betts

"My focus and intent as a photographer is to transport the viewer from their place in space and time to another world. I am an adventure photographer who’s goal is to capture those images that epitomize adventure. I want to instill in my viewers a sense of transformation and transportation of their mind – to take the viewer to the places and situations where the photographs reside. I want the viewer’s heart rate to increase when they see an adrenaline filled photo; a sense of height and dizziness when they see a photo from a mountain top; a sense of calming and relaxation when they focus on the awe-inspiring landscapes of seldom visited locations. I strive to embody adventure in every photograph and strive to share these images with everyone."

Patrick is currently chasing “the dream” while living out of his car, traveling the western United States and climbing as much rock as possible

Patrick is a recent (May 2012) college graduate. He graduated from Colorado State University - Pueblo with a degree in Exercise Science, Health Promotion and Recreation with an emphasis in Outdoor Leadership. He currently resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado where he works as a rock climbing guide and photographer for Colorado Springs's oldest climbing guide service, Front Range Climbing Company.